Day 18: Mercedes Umaña, El Salvador

After a good night’s rest, the team set out once again. Here we go!

7 August

Today was a fairly easy day. Fr. Miguel, Ignacio, and Eduardo set off for Apastepeque, a distance of only about 12 miles. And I only have one picture to share. But what a beautiful view of the mountain!

En Route to Apastepeque

8 August

After a few relatively easy days, the team set out early in the morning. The itinerary showed that they were to walk a distance of 42 kilometers (26 miles), their longest day yet.

Early Start to Mercedes Umaña

The weather forecast didn’t sound promising, either. This could have been a bit daunting. But God sent a spectacular sunrise that delighted the travelers.

Salvadoran Sunrise

Fr. Miguel reported that the journey was especially difficult because of the heat. Temperatures topped out in the 90s, and humidity levels were high. But eventually they arrived in Mercedes Umaña, El Salvador around 3:30 in the afternoon…just in time to get ready for 5 o’clock Mass.

In Mercedes Umaña the team enjoyed the hospitality of Fr. Elmer and his friends.

Fr. Elmer and Friends

And now for the map I promised you.

Palencia, Guatemala to Mercedes Umaña, El Salvador

So far, the team has walked a total of about 370 kilometers, or about 230 miles. That’s almost 1/3 of the distance to San José.

Almost 1/3 of the Way