Day 12: Sitio Del Niño, El Salvador

1 August

When you are on the road, your clothes get dirty and smelly rather quickly. But since you have to carry everything with you, clean clothes are in short supply. Laundry, anyone?


The time in Santa Ana was especially encouraging. The team stayed at the Casa San José, which used to house a seminary. There was a chapel where Fr. Miguel was able to say Mass. (Saint Joseph seems to be going along on this Camino and lending his support to our travelers. His name has repeatedly turned up unexpectedly in the places the team visits.)

On Sunday, Fr. Miguel, Ignacio, and Eduardo set out bright and early from Santa Ana, El Salvador.

Early Start from Santa Ana, El Salvador

By early afternoon, they were able to meet up with some friends in El Congo. Roberto, Beatriz, and their son Eduardo took everyone for a wonderful tour by Lake Coatepeque. I don’t think that’s Fr. Miguel on the jet ski, but you never know… ??

2 August

After a good night’s rest, the team was ready to hit the road again…but not until after they had been fortified with a lovely breakfast of pupusas! (Fr. Miguel sent a big smiley face along with that picture! ??)


By evening, Fr. Miguel, Ignacio, and Eduardo had arrived in Sitio Del Niño, El Salvador.

Every day of this journey, when completed, is a milestone passed. As of today, the team has covered 240 kilometers, or about 150 miles. They are 1/5 of the way to their destination!!!

I also want to share with you this video that aired recently. It’s all in Spanish, but there are some beautiful pictures of The Little Mountain School and our wonderful students. If you happen to understand Spanish, there is also some fabulous information about the Camino, as well as a little cameo appearance from Fr. Miguel.

If you recall, the primary motivation for Fr. Miguel undertaking this pilgrimage was to raise much needed funds for The Little Mountain School in his hometown of Joya Honda, Guatemala. We would love to spread the word and gather as much support as possible for the precious children of Palencia. Please share these posts with anyone you think may be interested. And be sure to donate online or by check.