Day 10: Santa Ana, El Salvador

I last reported to you when Fr. Miguel and the team had arrived in Yupiltepeque, Guatemala. There they were hosted by Carlos and Consuelo Cisneros.

Cisneros Hospitality

I’m so grateful for the families who have opened their homes and hearts to Fr. Miguel, Ignacio, and Eduardo. What wonderful friendships they are building!

30 July

Early Friday morning our travelers set out on the next leg of the journey. When I saw the pictures of the sunrise, I couldn’t help thinking of Psalm 19:1 – “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”

Sunrise near Yupiltepeque, Guatemala

Atescatempa was about half way to San Cristobal, the day’s destination. Time for breakfast!


By the afternoon, the team was in San Cristobal, at the border with El Salvador. (I was mistaken – confused? – in my prior post when I said they would arrive at the border with Honduras… ??) So time to relax and check out the market!

Market in San Cristobal, Guatemala

31 July

It was necessary to have Covid tests in San Cristobal before crossing into El Salvador. Thankfully, the tests were negative. So… Onward to El Salvador!

El Salvador Border Crossing

Fr. Miguel reports that the first day in El Salvador was very difficult. The team walked 20 miles. It was hot and sunny, and there was no shade.

But by the end of the day they were in Santa Ana, El Salvador where they were able to relax and enjoy the hospitality of Casa San José. (I wonder why they chose to stay there… Hmmm… ??)

At Casa San José

So far, Fr. Miguel, Eduardo, and Ignacio have walked over 100 miles. The distance to San Jose is shrinking!

What sort of adventures will Team San Jose have had today? Stay tuned…