Day 8: Yupiltepeque, Guatemala

29 July

Seventeen miles is the distance from Jutiapa to Yupiltepeque, Guatemala. Fr. Miguel, Ignacio, and Eduardo walked the entire distance today. On Facebook, a challenge was issued to donate $1 per mile walked today. Here’s the link: . Isn’t this a great idea?

For the last couple of days, Fr. Miguel and his traveling companions have been graciously hosted by the Quiñonez family. We are so grateful for this wonderful family and all the others who have been offering hospitality along the way.

Quiñonez Hospitality

The team set out from Jutiapa this morning at around 6AM. They had some company as they set out.

Traveling Companions

If you are following on Facebook, you can see they traversed all sorts of terrain.

Guatemala is stunningly beautiful. But surprises seem to await around every corner. One unexpected encounter was with this funeral procession.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends who have lost a loved one. Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayers.

Many miles and opportunities for ministry still lie ahead. Thank you for remembering Fr. Miguel and his team, as well as those they will serve, in your prayers.