Day 7: Jutiapa, Guatemala

It has been a long but exciting week for Fr. Miguel, Eduardo, and Ignacio. Tomorrow it will begin the second week since they set out on the Camino de San José. They’ve walked a little over 70 miles. Their route has looked roughly like this (blue dots):

Palencia to Jutiapa

But if you zoom out, you can see how far they still have to go to reach San José, Costa Rica:

Still a Long Way to Go

27 July

Yesterday our travelers set out at about 5am to walk from Ayarza to Jutiapa, a distance of nearly 20 miles according to Google maps.

Early Start to Jutiapa

They arrived in Jutiapa in the early afternoon. The plan was to get their Covid tests (necessary to cross into Honduras El Salvador) today and then take the rest of the day to rest. As it turns out, there was an issue with the timing of the Covid tests, so they are going to wait for the tests until they are closer to the border.

28 July

Fr. Miguel reports that they are staying with a wonderful family who have been quite gracious hosts. Today they visited the cathedral in Jutiapa.

They were also able to enjoy a little entertainment. Fr. Miguel even contributed a bit to the show. Perhaps he should form a band when he returns. What do you all think?

Tomorrow morning the team will set out for Yupiltepeque after today’s well earned rest. I’ve asked Fr. Miguel to take lots of pictures along the way to share with us. I hope you are enjoying the journey! Thank you all for your prayers and support! Stay tuned for more updates…