Day 41 – Quarantined in Choluteca, Honduras

31 August

If you’ve been following along, you know that Eduardo and Ignacio both tested positive for Covid several days ago. Fr. Miguel has kept busy completing the Honduran portion of the Camino on his own. But what have Ignacio and Eduardo been doing with their time? Well…

Fr. Miguel texted, “Nacho estaba preso durante la cuarentena.” Translation: “Ignacio was in prison during the quarantine.” Looks like a pretty nice prison! ?

And Eduardo?

Fr. Miguel’s text about him said, “Eduardo buscando divertirse durante la cuarentena.” In other words, Eduardo was looking for ways to have fun. ?

Looks like he found a way to have fun after all!

Their “prison” was actually the bishop’s house. It has guest rooms, a chapel, a kitchen, a dining room, housing for the bishop and a priest, and housing for the Sisters of the Holy Family….A big place!

When Fr. Miguel, Ignacio, and Eduardo arrived on the bishop’s doorstep ten days ago, they only expected to stay one night. But then they discovered that they would have to travel back to Choluteca to get their Covid tests. So their hosts took them in for another night. And then another. And then several more. Learning to be flexible has been a major lesson of this Camino, not only for Fr. Miguel, Ignacio, and Eduardo, but for their hosts as well.

The good (great!!) news is that everyone has now tested Covid negative! To celebrate, the team and their hosts enjoyed a pizza dinner! Together!!! ?YUMMY!!!

The whole team wants to extend their deep gratitude to Sister Maria Inocente, Bishop Guido, Sister Adita, Sister Arecely, and Father Rito for their gracious hospitality while the team was in quarantine. 

Fr. Miguel, once he got a negative Covid test result, has been able to celebrate Mass and spend some time getting to know Bishop Guido, Fr. Rito, and the Sisters. They have all been incredibly helpful. Bishop Guido has even been in contact with the bishop in Costa Rica, making arrangements for Fr. Miguel and the team once they arrive there.

This delay in Choluteca was unexpected, but it seems to have all been part of God’s gracious provision. The team had a lovely place to stay, hosts who were willing and able to house them, time to rest and recover from the rigors of being on the road, and opportunities to make new friends and build relationships. Everyone has remained free of Covid symptoms. Questions have been answered, scheduling and travel issues have been resolved, and lessons have been learned. All in all, everything has worked out for good.

What will the rest of the journey bring? Stay tuned…

And in case we might forget just why Fr. Miguel, Ignacio, and Eduardo, not to mention their support teams in Guatemala and the U.S. and their hosts throughout Central America, have gone to all this trouble, here’s a reminder:

These are some of our precious students at The Little Mountain School. This entire effort is to raise funds to provide education and nutrition for the 98 children we have enrolled. Just $20 provides everything necessary to feed and educate one child for one week. $1,000 will supply everything for one child for one year. None of this can happen without the generous support of our donors.

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  1. Glad to see all are well with negative Covid tests. Continued blessings on your journey.

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