Day 1: Palencia, Guatemala

22 July

The journey has begun! I spoke with Fr. Miguel this morning and could hear the excitement in his voice. Yesterday he began the day with Mass at San Jose, Palencia. There was a news crew on hand who covered the event and aired a wonderful piece. It’s in Spanish, but you don’t have to understand everything to pick up on the energy and excitement.

Fr. Miguel was able to walk about 6 miles yesterday, accompanied the whole way by not only Eduardo and Ignacio, but several other friends as well, including many children. His godson, Daniel, walked almost the entire way. I believe he is the child in the blue shirt in the video.

Along the way, Fr. Miguel was able to do 4 house blessings and interact quite a bit with many “engaging” children.

I’m looking forward to hearing how the rest of the journey unfolds! Thank you all for your prayers and support.