The pandemic has caused an economic downturn around the world. Many charities, including schools and churches that were temporarily closed, have had a difficult time raising the funds they need to survive. Some institutions are in desperate need. For this reason, Father Miguel Alvizures is undertaking a 750 mile pilgrimage from San Jose, Palencia, Guatemala to the Cathedral of San Jose, Costa Rica. His aim is to raise funds to support the work of The Little Mountain School in his home village of Joya Honda, Palencia, Guatemala. At The Little Mountain School education and food are provided to 98 children totally free of charge. Father Miguel also hopes to raise funds to support various churches and other charitable organizations. Offline donors may choose to designate that 50% of their contribution go to a church or other charity of their choice. We invite you to get involved. Please pray for Father Miguel and for the children of Palencia. Please also consider supporting this project with a tax deductible financial contribution of $1 per mile — for as many miles as you would like to sponsor. Thank you for your generosity!